This is a list of burn times for More Fuels Mod for Minecraft 1.8. It covers Minecraft versions 1.8.0, 1.8.8 and 1.8.9 and is current with v1.4.4 of the Mod. (Currently only compatible with the beta build for 1.8.9 because it is 1.4.4 based)

Algorithm NotesEdit

For craftable items like a lever, the burn time is decided based on adding up the burn time sum of its parts. For parts burnable in vanilla minecraft, their value will be used. For parts made burnable by this mod, their mod given values will be used. For parts that are non-burnable in vanilla minecraft and are NOT added by this mod, a default value of "20 ticks" or 1 second will be given per item. All calculated item burn times are rounded to the nearest 100 to make them compatible with Pellet Fuel crafting.This also serves to get rid of uneven numbers and decimal points in the algorithms.

More Fuels Mod Burn Times for Minecraft 1.8Edit

Format is as follows: Item/Block = X Ticks or X Seconds (Both are specified so that you know the actual math of it, as well as what it will burn in seconds.

Without further ado, let us begin:

Item/Block                                        Burn Time in Ticks                  Burn Time in Standard Time Unit
Dead Bush 200 10s
Cactus 300 15s
Cobweb 200 10s
Lever 100 5s
Tall Grass/Double Plants 200 10s
Flowers 100 5s
Item Frame 900 45s
Bed 1,500 1m 15s
Painting 1,000 50s
Sign 700 35s
Ladder 300 15s
All Rails 100 5s
Piston 1,000 50s
Sticky Piston 1,100 55s
Vine 100 5s
Water Lily 100 5s
Tripwire Hook 200 10s
Hay Block 900 45s
Carpet 200 10s
Wool 200 10s
Arrow 100 5s
Feather 100 5s
Wheat 100 5s
All Seeds 100 5s
Regular Torch 100 5s
Redstone Torch (Lit or Unlit) 100 5s
Wooden Door 600 30s
Wooden Button 300 15s
Bowl 300 15s
Wooden Boat 1,500 1m 15s
Sugar Cane 300 15s
Paper 300 15s
Regular Book (Non-Writable) 1,000 50s
Book (Writable/Written) 1,100 55s
Minecart with Chest 400 20s
Map (Filled/Unfilled) 2,500 2m 5s
Fishing Rod/Carrot On A Stick 300 15s
Mushroom Item (Brown/Red) 100 5s
Mushroom Block (Brown/Red) 200 10s
Armor Stand 600 30s
Fire Charge 1,500 1m 15s
Firework Charge 3,200 2m 40s
Firework 5,100 4m 15s
Gunpowder 1,600 1m 20s
Blaze Powder 1,200 1m
Magma Cream 2,000 1m 40s
Ghast Tear 2,000 1m 40s
All Spawn Eggs 5,000 4m 10s
Poisinous Potato 100 5s
Rotten Flesh 100 5s
Spider Eye 100 5s
Fermented Spider Eye 200 10s
Rabbit Foot 200 10s
Leather 100 5s
Leather Boots 400 20s
Leather Chestplate 800 40s
Leather Helmet 500 25s
Leather Leggings 700 35s
TNT 8,100 6m 45s
TNT Minecart 8.200 6m 50s
Pellet Fuel 900 45s
Block of Pellet Fuel 8,100 6m 45s
Concentrated Fuel Pellets 32,400 27m
Block of Concentrated Pellet Fuel 291,600 4h 3m
Coke 3,200 2m 40s
Block of Coke 28,800 24m
Bituminous Coal 1,600 1m 20s
Can of Slimoline 20,000 16m 40s
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