1.4.4 was released on July 29th, 2016 and was the fifth public release of the Useful Update. It also featured a third public beta release for Minecraft 1.8.9. It replaced 1.4.3 and was replaced by 1.5.0.


  • Added Crafting Recipe for Concentrated Fuel Pellets
  • Fixed Crafting Recipes for other pellet fuel items and blocks
  • Fixed burn times for pellet fuel items and blocks

Known BugsEdit

  • In the 1.8.9 Beta release, blocks do not have textures in the inventory, only when placed (carried bug from 1.4.2).


  • This build has not yet been released as I am typing up this wiki page, but will be released today.
  • Today is the day the Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer expired :(