1.2.2 was released on March 21st, 2016 and was the second public release of 1.2.x. It was an addition to 1.2.0 and was replaced by 1.3.0. Also, it might have replaced ¿1.2.1? if that ever existed


  • Added Minecraft 1.9 Support
  • Removed Sponge as a fuel
  • Removed Enchanted Book as a fuel
  • Removed Saddle as a fuel
  • Added a proper config
  • RFtL can now be disabled in config if desired
  • RFtL enabled by default in config

Known BugsEdit

  • Missing additional items and fixed burn times from future builds (not considered a bug at the time)


  • First build with a config, config is unchanged in feature and source code since
  • Sponges, Enchanted Books, and Saddles were removed for being illogical.
  • The Saddle was an easter egg with a nearly 24 hour burn time!
  • This release only support Minecraft 1.9.0. For some reason, the code was never backported to 1.8.
  • 1.7 was not yet being supported at this time